Help and Get a Free Pop!

We are about to finish the paperwork that's been required for us to officially launch. With that, we'd like your help with two questions:

1.) We want to have a launch party! Where the best place we could have it?

2.) We are considering operating Dothan Ice Cream under a name that might be a little more fun (and may allow us to share the goodness with more people). What do you think of the name "Jelly Pops?" Would you have a better name? (Here's a link to many of the currently known pop companies for reference.)

We would love to have your feedback. Leave your comment(s) right here on this post. We'll make a list of all the comments and treat you to a free pop at the launch party just for helping out.


What a thrill (and a lot of hard work) it was to have our first event. That's one down and many more to go. We are so thankful for Debbie Yurevich, PR and Recruiting Director for Dothan Pediatric Clinic, and all the doctors, nurses, and staff, for their support.

We love that you love kids as much as we do!

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Doc Mode

We are now in document mode. Our ice pop making machine is en route from China and has required a lot of processing. We can totally see why people don't pursue dreams—this stuff is hard!

We are also in the process of zoning our home-based business with the city. Again, a lot of paperwork and time. After being at the November 6 Planning and Development meeting, we will finally secure our business license.

We should be able to start selling ice pops as soon as the first freeze hits Dothan.  Of course, that's tongue-in-cheek. However, this process has solidified our resolve and has given us a chance to advance into territories we've never been. There's a lesson there. When your dreams become too hard to handle, you have two choices: get out or move ahead.

Dreams worth pursuing demand diligence. 


We were approved by the board!

It's Pops

We have had a lot of discussion about what items should be included on our menu. We've finally landed on our mainstay as well as what we will make available at our private parties.

After a lot of research, we've chosen to begin creating handmade ice pops and distributing them via our truck! Our hope is that our operation will be up and running by the end of October!

We will expand our menu for private events to include hand-dipped flavors and even more creative options.

Thanks for being on this journey with us. We would love to include you in the #icecreamdream now. Please contribute to fund created to help with start up costs. Click here to contribute and get involved!

Prime Time

We have seen the last of Millie's poor complexion. Over the past four days, her skin was completely sanded and smoothed out. Last night, she was put in primer!

We will now begin the process of perfecting her appearance then applying paint.

While this is happening, Millie's 1971 El Camino 350 hp engine is being machined, assembled and tested offsite. Once that is complete, it was be as good as new! She'll be tuned for stop-and-go city work, but she'll have the power and rumble of the classic 350!

Thank you all for your support of this dream. Again, if you would, please drop $20 into our Go Fund Me campaign. Click here for that secu

Wrong Part

We are making sure to not waste any opportunity we have to learn about ourselves, our truck, about business, and life.

One take-away from yesterday is, "Always, always ask two more questions than you're comfortable asking."

By so doing, you'll 1) likely get closer to the solution and 2) be able to navigate around the people you're working with.

Example: I ordered a part for the brake system. I was told that it was unavailable. I went and researched the part and brought back my findings to the store. They were surprised that it was actually there! I proudly took the part to be assembled at the shop.

It was the correct part according to my research. But it still didn't fit the actual application.

After asking two more questions (at a different store), we were able to find the right part that fit exactly.

If something's not quite fitting, it's not necessarily the wrong part. It may be that you're asking the wrong question.


Today we launched a fund-raising campaign. Originally we took out a small loan to help pay for the renovations of the truck. We planned to fund the peripheral necessities from our strictly-budgeted income.

At the end of August, however, my wife and I lost our jobs.


No income.

So, it's taken a little bit of time, but I'd like to ask for your help. I was hesitant at first because I wanted to do it all myself. What I've since learned is that dreams are about people—other people, not just the dreamer. If a dreamer doesn't allow others into his/her dream, the dream will likely never come alive.

So I invite you into my Ice Cream Dream today. Would you consider contributing and / or sharing the link?  Please click here.

Thank you.




My neighborhood has an ice cream truck that has rumbled through twice this Summer.

I wanted you to see what my daughter currently RUNS to. She has no regard for the safety of appearance. She only hears the jingle playing through the air and runs toward it.

Dothan, this is not acceptable. This does not equal satisfaction—nor does it safety—on our streets and neighborhoods.

We are finishing up our truck this month. Lord willing, we will be complete and running even earlier! Pray for us as we make this dream happen in a big way!