In 2011, I watched my daughter interact with the neighborhood ice cream man. She only cared about getting ice cream and that ice cream man cared about selling another treat. As a parent, however, I wanted something more. I wanted a positive memory for her and for me.

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After that encounter, my wife and I asked ourselves, "What if we were our neighborhood's ice cream man?"

We began to build a dream to help create positive memories for friends and families and use ice cream as the tool. We never anticipated the huge difference and the thousands of connections we would make as a result. That impact continues to be made all over our region. Now, that impact has a home at 123 N. Foster Street with “Stix & Cones,” our first storefront location. I am honored to be a part of creating memories with you.

Find out where we can meet up on our Calendar page. Send us a message if you'd like.

Thank you!

Brett Smith
Dothan Ice Cream Company